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AIM Estonia

From the 26th of March until the 30th of March, seven groups from 6 different countries took part in a project in Tallinn, Estonia. The groups came from Estonia (the hosting group), Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Italy and Spain.

This project was about how to write easy to read texts for people living with a disability, elderly or illiterates.

The first day was mostly about getting to know each other. We played some games where we got to know a bit about each other’s hobbies and favorite things, and after that we did some group building activities.

For one of the activities everyone had to sit in groups, each group got a big piece of paper and we had to write a news article about easy reading and if it is available in our home countries.

On the second day we started with one more group building activity, after which we got a presentation about easy to read texts, how to create them and some modules that help with writing such a text.

After that we all had free time and most participants walked around in the city and in the evening we all met again at dinner.

The remaining days were all about studying different modules in groups and preparing a roleplay which we had to present to the other groups. We also got two online presentations, one by the coordinator of the Spanish team, and the other one by the coordinator of one of the Italian teams.

On the last day we visited JUKS, the organization in Tallinn that hosted this project and where the project leader works. The users of this organization have a disability, and they all work there, most of them as artists.

We visited all the rooms and got to see a lot of art that was made there by the users.

At the end of the day we closed the project by having dinner and a drink together, and the next day each team went back home.

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