GenZ digital workforce

GenZ digital workforce

GenZ digital workforce

A project in Madeira

From the 25th of June until the 1st of July, we participated in a project in Funchal, Madeira. The aim of the project is to motivate young people (GenZ) to work remotely. During the week we thought about what kind of online course to make and what kind of modules to put in it. We did this together with groups from Hungary, Italy, Portugal, North-Macedonia, and Denmark.

On the first day we met with the group and we did games to get to know each other, we did group building activities and we went through the program for the week.

For this project, every partnering organization had to create three surveys in their own language that had to be answered respectively by young people from their countries, enterprises and an employment agency.

On the second day every national group had to go through the answers that were given on the survey, and they had to put the most important things together and present the results to the other teams.

On the third day we visited two places. The first place is called ‘Startup Madeira’, which is an organization for young entrepreneurs who want to start an online business. We got a presentation about how it started and what it is and after that some people who started their business there, presented their ideas and websites.

After this we went to a gallery where we got a presentation from a digital nomad who started a very successful online business. He told us about his travels, how he ended up in Madeira and why and how he started his business.

On the fourth day we started with an activity during which we had to think about different online courses we followed or created and the websites and platforms we used for it.

After that we brainstormed about how we should create our online course and what to use for it.

The next day we visited the island. We first went to Ponta do Sol, where the digital nomads village is located. After that we went to Porto Moniz, which is a place where natural pools are created by the sea. Our next and last stop was Sao Vicente, a place on the other side of the island from where we were staying. There we walked around, had lunch and after lunch we went back to Funchal.

On day 6 we had to come up with a plan for the design of the online course. We had to think about what kind of modules we want to create and how we are going to motivate youngsters to participate in it and complete the course. Every group shared their ideas for the modules and the modules were divided between the country groups.

On the last day we discussed the deadlines for when the modules had to be finished and for when the whole training course should be completed. We also discussed follow-up meetings.

After this we had a free afternoon and in the evening we met again to have one last dinner together.

Gen Z Digital Workforce: Improving online employability and resilience of young people with fewer opportunities is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. It is a 2- year initiative between 5 organisations (You(th) Develop Denmark (coordinator), Uniamoci Onlus (Italy), SFERA International (N.Macedonia), Innovaform (Hungary), My Madeira Island (Portugal).

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